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Ma vaffanculo :°D [dp]
Arctic Bay
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« Risposta #45 il: Settembre 07, 2008, 21:18:52 »

Sand veil + chomp + yache berry  OMG il riesci a colpirlo non lo colpisci magari missi...e lui ti ha aperto il team  Asd

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maledetti pikachu ç_ç

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« Risposta #46 il: Settembre 07, 2008, 21:22:13 »

The Swords Dancer is the bread and butter Garchomp set. Without a doubt, this is the most prominent threat in OU. If your team is not prepared for this set with at least two "counters", you will lose an overwhelming majority of your matches.

After one Swords Dance, Garchomp is capable of 2HKOing every single Pokemon in the game. Equipped with a Yache Berry, Garchomp can utilize this fact to its advantage by taking a weakened Ice attack which essentially guarantees that you will KO the opposing Pokemon first. This leaves Garchomp alive as the victor in almost every 1-on-1 case. The combination of Garchomp's Dragon and Ground STAB moves is resisted only by Skarmory and Levitate Bronzong, but a Fire move in the last slot can easily take care of this problem. Fire Fang is preferred due to the presence of Swords Dance and the fact that it will 2HKO both of the Steel-types that are immune to Ground after an Attack boost, but Fire Blast can be used to hit Skarmory harder without a Swords Dance. Garchomp possesses enormous potential to set up and sweep because of its underrated defenses, which are well above average. Be prepared to see this set often.
Garchomp is arguably the best Pokemon in OU. It is the most commonly used Pokemon by a long shot, and there is even discussion about moving it to the Uber tier. Because of how often it is seen, using any Pokemon that Garchomp can set up on is generally asking for disaster. Its unique Speed tier gives it the ability to outspeed base 100 Speed Pokémon, meaning that the number of OU Pokemon that are faster than Garchomp can be counted on your hands. Combined with the excellent type coverage of its Ground and Dragon STAB and the fact that it has the defenses to set up and sweep with no team support, it is better than your average Pokémon. When you take the prevalence of Sand Stream into account, Garchomp becomes even more frightening since all of its potential counters have a 20% chance of missing thanks to its amazing trait, Sand Veil. Even the bulkiest of Pokémon fear the Swords Dance version as a single critical hit or miss due to the Evasion boost can spell disaster for any team.
Since the definition of a Garchomp counter is "a Pokemon that can switch into Garchomp and pose an immediate threat", the Swords Dancer moveset is literally uncounterable with Outrage and Yache Berry. No Pokemon can safely switch into Garchomp's powerful STAB attacks and threaten it before it is 2HKOd at worst except for a faster Lugia with almost maximum HP, Reflect and Roost/Recover. Even the majority of Pokemon with super effective Ice-type moves cannot outspeed and OHKO Garchomp.

>ma che cosa ha in mano st

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